Jan-Marten Block, DSDS winner, embarks on a new profession! He begins an apprenticeship here.


Jan-Marten Block, DSDS winner, embarks on a new profession! He begins an apprenticeship here.

Jan-Marten Block (26) has set his sights on a new career path! The 26-year-old wishes to pursue a career as a voice actor!

Jan-Marten Block (26) is a professional singer and winner of „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ The 26-year-old is currently pursuing a career as a voice actor!

This was disclosed on Tuesday on Instagram by the 26-year-old with the deep, smoky, and scarcely misunderstood voice.

A plan that appears only rational and consistent when accompanied with the timbre.

He would be far from alone on the broad open with this step. Actors and singers are eager to offer their voices to the often adorable, but also terrifying characters in the most different cartoon or animated films. Both internationally and domestically.

However, it is not as simple as it appears – simply enter a studio and talk away. Even professional musicians get vocal training.

He does so only at the „Deutsche POP“ Academy. They, like the Berlin resident, are likely to know just how to accomplish it.

Is Jan-Marten now prepared to give up his lucrative singing career? Most likely not.

Rather than that, his new exercise offers a double benefit. He is not only learning how to talk, but also how to use his voice appropriately, Jan-Marten explains after his first lesson at the academy.

The musician is confident that this will aid him in his singing as well.

However, the musician is not wholly unfamiliar with the industry. Jan-Marten has already lent his distinctive voice to a character in a Russian children’s television series.

Is there a new project underway at the Block house? The 26-year-old has not stated that publicly yet.

In any case, he will be prepared to accept any offer in the near future. Pixar and Disney are welcome to attend.

Jan-Marten gained widespread recognition as a result of his appearance on „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“

His success with the track „Never Not Try“ which was written specifically for him, likely capped his career thus far.


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